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Hey Alexa! customers, did you know you can connect your Alexa to your account?
By doing so, you can do things like:
* use secure commands to arm/disarm panel
* unlock doors
* adjust thermostats
* open garage doors
* control lighting
Call us today to get a free quote for an system or assistance in linking your Alexa to your account!!

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Doorbell Camera

This doorbell camera was recently installed by our team resulting in a very happy customer! With this camera, they can now communicate with 2-way audio, be notified when motion is detected and even be aware of what is happening in the dark thanks to the infrared night vision.
Your home's security isn't complete without a doorbell camera! Always be in the know of what is going on at your front door. & the best part is, NO MONTHLY FEE!! Give us a call today to get your doorbell camera installed.

Smart Thermostat

Did you know you can save over 20% per year on heating and cooling costs from your thermostat?

Stay comfortable and save money with the Smart Thermostat! The app allows you to remotely adjust your home's temperature, turn on/off schedules, or set to away mode for extended savings. Get alert notifications regarding any change in your thermostat's settings. The app also displays real-time humidity levels and allows you to set rules to automatically adjust A/C, humidifiers or dehumidifiers.

Are you serious about saving money and energy usage? With a Smart Thermostat you'll conserve up to 16% of summer cooling energy and savings typically around 8% of cooling bills or $50.

Call us today for more information on the Smart Thermostat OR to schedule an appointment for installation. Stay cool this summer with ProTech Security, Inc.

Mobile App

Business and Home Security, but make it EASY!

Our mobile app makes securing your home or business effortless. Arm or disarm your system, no matter where you are and get notifications in real time about activity happening in your home or business. As the technological world advances, our products and services are advancing to allow for a more useful alarm system!

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The Current Outreach Church

We always enjoy working with our friends at The Current Outreach Church in Van Buren! Finishing up this job with security, access control, cameras & fire safety. More pictures to come! Thank you Current Church for your loyalty to ProTech.

#BrilliantlySafe #Protech #firesafety #security